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What is Somatic Movement?

Somatic Movement is a gentle aware practise that works with the muscle to brain connection. By moving slowly and consciously we allow muscles to lengthen effortlessly and release tension held there. Because emotional and mental tension also get stored in our body, we are not just releasing muscles, but our whole being (soma = our full being). The result is pain free movement, with greater mobility and balance, and a sense of ease permeating the whole nervous system.

Functional Movement is a more dynamic practise, that compliments the yin nature of somatic movement beautifully. Our bodies and brain need to move in ways that foster strength and stability. Mayank takes a playful, and exploratory approach to moving that encourages us to find movement opportunities in our life every day.

Conscious movement leads us to a truer expression of ourselves, bringing clarity and well-being into our action and our stillness.

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