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Wisdom of  Meditation Retreat
La Chaussée, France, 2023

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Thursday 27 – Sunday 30

For those who have not yet joined Shikhaa’s satsangs, now is a unique opportunity to
participate in her dynamic discourses on

non-duality at a three-day retreat. Through her gentle guided meditations, higher states of consciousness open, which work to release our restless minds and conflicted hearts, so that we may uncover the inherent freedom we all seek.

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Shikhaa lived with an enlightened master in India for all of her adult life, immersed in a deep
study of meditation based on the wisdom tradition, Advaita Vedanta. Every year, she is invited
to Europe by those who have benefited greatly from her meditation guidance.


Primarily this is a meditation retreat, but also so much more. It can facilitate the transmission of the great wisdom to unleash deeper insight into how we can understand ourselves, and thereby live in harmony with each other in a consciously expansive way.


Initiate a regular meditation practice or deepen your existing practice, The Wisdom of Meditation Retreat embraces all ages and stages.

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​The retreat program includes meditation, pranayam (conscious breathing practice) satsang
(wisdom teachings), yoga and kirtan (singing simple Sanskrit mantras).

See below for the full program.

Wisdom of Meditation Retreat will start in the evening on Thursday and continue through to
our final lunch together on Sunday.

Retreat Cost

300 euro - including accommodation
180 euro - day attendance only (without accommodation)

All meals:
vegetarian with vegan options.

Please tell us if you have dietary requirements.

Venue Location:
France: Footsbarn Theater, La Chaussée:
Write to: Fredericka Hayter for travel information.

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Wisdom of Meditation Retreat Program

Thursday 27 April
17:30: Inauguration
18:15: Shared Dinner
19:30: Introduction to meditation (1 hr)​

Friday 28 April
9:00: Yoga (1 hr)
10.15: Guided Meditation with pranayam* (45 min)
11:00: Morning tea
11.30: Satsang* (75 min)
13:00: Lunch
14:00: Walk or free time
15:20: Silent meditation (40 min)
16:00: Afternoon tea
16:30: Meditation Mandala* (75 min)
18:00: Dinner
19:30: Kirtan* and meditation (1 hr)

Saturday 29 April
​9:00: Yoga (1 hr)
10.15: Guided Meditation with pranayam* (45 min)
11:00: Morning tea
11.30: Satsang (75 min)
13:00: Lunch
14:15: Walk or free time
15:45: Silent meditation (45 min)
16:00: Afternoon tea
16:30: Meditation Mandala* (75 min)
18:00: Dinner
19:30: Chanting and meditation (1 hr)

Sunday 30 April
9:00: Guided Meditation with pranayam (45 min)
10.00: Satsang (60 min)
11:00: Morning tea
11:30: Concluding session to share & review
13:00: Lunch and depart

Description of the classes:

Shikhaa inspires the great wisdom tradition Advaita Vedanta to come alive and be relevant to our current lives, addressing the question, “What is our purpose in life and how can we live in peace, love and freedom?”

Pranayam comes from the Sanskrit word, ‘Praan’, meaning vitality or vital force. ‘Yam’ means to master or to harness. Pranayam practices utilize the vital force in our body and thereby raise our level of health on all levels. Conscious breathing practices’ help to reduce stress and bring our body and mind energy into alignment. And most importantly, pranayam concentrates the mind to open the way for meditation.

*Meditation Mandala
At the close of the day, we gather in a mandala (a circle) for follow up and reflection from the morning satsang. Also, an opportunity for questions.

*Spirit of Kirtan
After dinner, we gather to sing ‘kirtan’, a call and response style of singing of simple Sanskrit mantras that is conducive for meditation and uplifts the spirit in a magical way. You do not need to be a singer to enjoy kirtan, for it is not a performance. Spirit of Kirtan is a joyous way of being together to tune in to the uniting power of sound.

What to bring:
A yoga mat if you have one or a towel that can be used on the floor.
We have chairs to sit on for meditation but if you prefer to meditate on a cushion, please bring
your own.
Own towel and toiletries.
A notebook and pen (optional)
Inside slippers, no shoes inside.

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