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About Mayank

Like many health practitioners, Mayank began his journey as a patient. However, unlike most practitioners, he was living high in the Himalayas at the time. He spent most of his adult life there, meditating with an enlightened Being and imbibing the knowledge of Advaita Vedant.

A meditative lifestyle involves many hours of sitting and study, so staying fit and active is vital, therefore, asana (physical posture) is one of the eight limbs of Yoga. Over the years, he cultivated a strong hatha-yoga practice and now shares his love of movement with a diverse range of students, witnessing how all ages and abilities can flourish in their well-being.

Mayank incorporates neuro-science with modern movement, which is fast becoming the new look and feel of contemporary yoga and exercise.

Mayank, the holistic way you teach Somatics provides an all rounded approach to body care and awareness. It has been amazing to see the break-throughs in your class. Your work goes beyond anything I have experienced before and I’d love to see yoga instructors and physiotherapists incorporate these techniques.
—Cree Hatfield

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