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Shikhaa & Mayank lived 35 years in India, immersed in meditation and the Advaita Vedanta wisdom tradition, under the guidance of a self-realised sage, they now share their experience of how to unfold the freedom we seek, at the Wisdom of Meditation Centre.

Wisdom of Meditation




Wisdom of Meditation

Our retreats take place in the beautiful Te Horo countryside. Activities include satsang & meditation sessions, somatic movement sessions, meals and kirtan.

Wisdom of Meditation

After spending 35 years in India, concentrated on satsang and meditation, Shikhaa returned to New Zealand and opened the Wisdom of Meditation Centre, holding satsang & meditation sessions, as well as pranayam classes.

Mayank offers his expertise guidance in restorative movement, somatic movement, yoga flow and Qi Gong.

All classes are conducted in person at the Wisdom of Meditation Centre and online.


Spirit of Kirtan

Shikhaa and Mayank host live kirtan at their retreats and at the Wisdom of Meditation Centre.

My participation at the Wisdom Centre has made such a difference in my life. Shikhaa has brought me to a higher level of consciousness with joy, wisdom, patience & love. She has a great power to understand us all at a deep level. Mayank has opened my awareness and power that has awoken my body’s potential.
—Gudrun Simons (MD)


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Wisdom of Meditation Centre

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