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Wisdom of Meditation Classes

In-person attendance: payment via cash or online banking.
Online attendance within NZ: payment via online banking.
Contact us for bank details.

Satsang Online (SOL) International: times and payments check here.


Satsang Online with Shikhaa (60 min)

Monday 8:00 AM, 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM (NZT) via Zoom

Satsang ignites the inquiry into life’s deeper purpose, based on non-dual teachings (Advaita Vedanta) by way of discussion, contemplation, meditation and techniques how to apply wisdom in action.

Cost: Per session: NZ$15
Class Pass:10 sessions NZ$120


Mid-week Meditation with Shikhaa - (60 min)

Wednesday 5:30 PM (NZT) In person only

Thursday 8:00 AM (NZT) Online only

Guided meditations leads the mind directly to the ever-present awareness, free from identification with the troubles and burdens of the thinking mind.

Cost: Per session: NZ$15
Class Pass:10 sessions NZ$120


Light of Knowledge Satsang with Shikhaa (75 min)

Thursday 11:00 AM (NZT) In person & via Zoom

Inquiry, discussion, contemplation and meditation drawn from the Vedic wisdom tradition, Advaita Vedanta. Shikhaa's program is spontaneously inspired from questions relevant to how we can integrate this essential knowledge into our daily lives.

Cost: Per session: NZ$15
Class Pass: 10 sessions NZ$120


Kriya Yoga with Shikhaa (50 min)

Sunday 9:00 AM (NZT) In person & via Zoom

Kriya Yoga is a yogic discipline that enhances our Prana (vital-force). In this class we learn how to direct the body/mind subtle energies to flow unimpeded through the 7 chakras (energy centers).

Combining pranayam (conscious breathing techniques) with mantra, intention, visualization and mudra (hand postures) works to strengthen and align your prana, which thereby deepens your meditation practice and evolves mastery in your life. These traditional Tantric techniques work to reduces stress, increase breath capacity, stabilize blood pressure, strengthen immunity, improve mental clarity and cultivate well-being.

Cost: Per session: NZ$15
Class Pass:10 sessions NZ$120


Join Shikhaa for a one-on-one session

Online or in-person

Cost: Per session: NZ$65


Somatic Movement with Mayank (75 min)

Thursday 9:30 AM (NZT) In person

This gentle aware movement practise involves neuro-muscular re-patterning.
Working on the brain to muscle connection to lengthen muscles & release tension.
A simple, relaxing & deeply effective practise to boost & regain mobility & balance.
And easily accessible to all bodies.

Cost: Per session: $15
Class Pass: 10 sessions $120


Restorative Movement with Mayank (60 min)

Tuesday 10:00 AM (NZT) In person

This class focuses on movement that keeps all the parts active, enabling us to have good full body mobility, flexibility & balance. Using developmental resets & restorative exercises, every class starts with a focus on a different body area & finishes with full body movement flows. Come join our happy crew of seniors who are enjoying getting things moving again!
"As we need nutritious food, we need nutritious movement” - Katy Bowman

Cost: Per session: $15
Class Pass: 10 sessions $120

Warm Up on the Beach

Gentle Yoga Flow with Mayank (60 min)

Thursday 6:00 PM (NZT) In person

A gentle yoga session based on traditional Hatha Yoga.
It includes some light stretching & joint mobility, blended with some functional movement. Suitable for beginners & seniors. (options are there to take things up a notch if you want a more active session)

Cost: Per session: $15
Class Pass: 10 sessions $120


Qigong with Mayank (60 min)

Sunday 10:00 AM (NZT) In person & via Zoom

Join Mayank for simple, accessible movement flows. Qigong helps to cultivate good breathing, reduce stress & anxiety, and build fluid, flexible movement ability. This practice fills us with fresh energy, "qi", to invigorate, inspire and build strength and well-being.

Cost: Per session: NZ$15
Class Pass: 10 sessions NZ$120


Yin Yoga with Jaya (60 min)

Tuesday 6:00 PM (NZT) In person

Yin Yoga is an intimate practice that brings our focus inwards to the subtle physical workings in order to awaken body wisdom. In this class each posture is gently held for a few minutes in order to stimulate connective tissue and fascia, increase vitality, open flexibility in the joints as well as in the body and the mind.

Cost: Per session: NZ$15
Class Pass: 10 sessions NZ$120


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