The Seer and the Seen (writing)

The Seer and the Seen (writing) Writings and Podcasts

(8-6-2015) When one can tune out from the din of the doubtful mind, something so essential and elegantly simple can reveal itself. The Human Struggle The mental din can be loud and its doubtful voice ultimately tiresome. The mind focused on circumstances either enjoys or suffers. Joy is experienced when circumstances reflect success, bringing an…

The Vision of Oneness (writing)

The Vision of Oneness (writing) Writings and Podcasts

Our Deepest Wish Human beings wish for, hope for, and have a deep longing for oneness with others– their partner, family, friends, colleagues and ultimately their world. They wish for the tolerance of differences among friends and family. They hope for religious tolerance. They hope for a closing of the divide between rich and poor….

Freedom is Our Natural State (writing)

Freedom is Our Natural State (writing) Writings and Podcasts

Free-Spirit Consciousness When children play in their imaginative realm they are beyond awareness of time and space. In this state, they are happily absorbed in a dimension where their mind is not engaged in an inner commentary or analysis of themselves in relation to their game. For the sake of this writing, we can call…

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