The Wisdom Autumn Retreat

When: Thursday April 14 - Monday April 18, 2022

Where: Strathean Retreat Centre, 212 Old Hautere Rd. Te Horo

Cost: $725 shared acc., $795 single room or shared cottage with ensuite, $705 camping.

Contact us for more info or to sign up for the The Autumn Wisdom Retreat.

Strathean Retreat Centre

Join Shikhaa and Mayank at the Wisdom Autumn Retreat
to experience the uplifting and life-giving atmosphere of satsang, meditation, movement and kirtan.

Satsang with Shikhaa

Satsang ignites the enquiry into life’s deeper purpose, based on non-dual teachings (Advaita Vedanta) by way of spontaneous discourse, discussion, contemplation and meditation. At this retreat, Shikhaa will base the satsang on the essential teachings from Bhagavad Gita, which addresses the source of the doubting mind to answer our true potential to live at peace with ourselves.

  • Take a guided tour to the immensity of your inner Being.

  • Realise freedom from the limitations of your personal story.

  • Allow joy to naturally bubble-up from within.

  • Witness the upliftment in your sense of well-being.

Meditation with Shikhaa

  • Dispel the myths of meditation.

  • Reveal the direction to your inner Self.

  • Expand your Consciousness.

  • Practise simple techniques to deepen your meditation practice.

  • Establish a regular meditation practice.

  • Discover how meditation is beneficial in your every-day live.

Qigong and Somatic Movement with Mayank

When our vital force, Qi or praan, flows freely we are able to remain buoyant and fluid amidst all life’s changing tides. Qigong practices and Somatic Movement flows are tools we can employ to remain grounded in awareness and free in spirit.

  • QiGong in the morning sessions and Somatic Movement in the afternoon.

  • Qigong flows:

  • Explore the relationship between chakra energy & Qigong

  • Enhances your breathing capacity.

  • Opens and moves fresh energy.

  • Activate & replenish energy reserves.

  • Release & realign E-motions (energy in motion).

  • Somatic Movement flows:

  • Discover the power of pandiculation, nature’s power to reset.

  • Relax your muscles by engaging your brain

  • Let go of accumulated tension

  • Improve your coordination & balance.

  • Extend your range of motion.

  • Find space & ease in your body & mind

Spirit of Kirtan

Music is the power of connection. Kirtan is the ancient, devotional singing tradition of India. It is sung in a call-and-response style. The vibration and rhythm of simple Sanskrit mantras resonate in harmony with our divine source. In the evenings, we come together, to connect with ourselves and with each other, in the Spirit of Kirtan.

The Wisdom Autumn Retreat Program

Thursday 14 April:

Arrive any time after 3:00 pm to settle in to your room, relax and enjoy the peaceful Strathean setting.
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Inauguration followed by chanting and meditation. (75 min)

Friday 15  –  Sunday 17:

7:00 am Guided Meditation – with Shikhaa (45 min)
8:00 am Breakfast
9:30 am Satsang– with Shikhaa (60 min)
10:30 am Morning tea
11:00 am Qigong – with Mayank (75 min)
1:00 pm Lunch
2:30 pm Silent meditation – with Shikhaa (30 min)
3:00 pm Somatic Movement – with Mayank (75 min)
4:15 pm Afternoon tea
4:45 pm Meditation Mandala (Q&A) – with Shikhaa (60 min)
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Spirit of Kirtan

Monday 18:

7:00 am Guided Meditation – with Shikhaa (45 min)
8:00 am Breakfast
9:30 am  Concluding session to share, review & assimilate (2 hr)
11:30 am Morning tea
12:00 am Qigong – with Mayank (60 min)
1:00 pm Lunch
After lunch – pack up & clean up.