The Wisdom of Meditation

The Wisdom of Meditation

People may understand wisdom to be the accumulation of what has been learnt through the passage of time. But the longer we walk on earth, the more stuff we know about stuff, and the mind – that had been so easily delighted and fascinated by everything – becomes slowly petrified in its own conditions.

The mind’s design, of division and opposites, is the seed of our preferences, prejudices and desires, from where sprouts the consciousness of incompleteness, insecurity, animosity and the sense of problem which disturbs a person‟s state of well-being. Wisdom will never find root in such a field of duality consciousness.

The functioning mind exists due to the light of awareness that sees the nature of the mind. But awareness is ever uninvolved and unburdened by the mental sense of division, of lack and of problem.

A wise one is described as a ‘Seer’, who can engage in the relative world with clarity, free of the illusion of problem that rises in the mind like a mirage in the desert. Awareness of the Seer is dormant and must be awakened, since the mind cannot perceive it when it is so consumed in the sense of what is right or wrong, good or bad, the opinions of what people do and say, what should or shouldn’t be. Basically the mind is involved in ‘stuff’ that perpetuates duality.

Wisdom flourishes in this depth of discernment. The Seer views the nature of the mind with clarity and uses it in such a way that does not perpetuate the sense that there is something wrong – with me or with others. When the attention of the mind is liberated from dualistic distractions, awareness blossoms to truly see that the design of the mind is perfect in its relative purpose, and the one who sees is perfect – the unchanging, ever-present light of awareness.

Wisdom is the vision that is never deceived by the divisions of time, the pairs of opposites and all the conditions of the human existence.

Wisdom does not helplessly follow the forces of nature that lead the attention to be deluded by the fantasies appearing in the mirage.

Wisdom is never under the influence of deception and is forever established in the Seer, who remains as a witnessing light.

Wisdom is to come out of the suffering, having seen the patterns of the mind, and know, “I am never bound in that which the senses perceive or the mind thinks, feels or experiences.”

Wisdom sees the same Self in every person – young or old, rich or poor, with or without status.

Wisdom does not entertain the sense of problem, blame, shame, or the sense of death.

Wisdom does not depend on others to support its existence, rather it is lit by its own power that acts to discriminate between the changing nature of mind (dual knowledge) and the ever-presence of Self (non-dual knowledge).

When one reaches the point of checkmate in their lives, where there is no move left on the board that will bring true peace and well-being, it is a great opening to allow wisdom to dawn. The word for wisdom in Sanskrit is gyaan, meaning Self knowledge. The one who observes the effects of identification with the body is no less than a genius, for who feels the limitations of body identification and its effects, other than you – the ever-present observer, unlimited, indescribable, unaffected Self?

Seer is described in the Vedic scripture, Patanjali Yog Darshan, as ‘Simply the pure One.’ (verse 2/20). The verse continues, prescribing the way to ‘know’ pure, “When the identification with the body and the mind is disentangled and the pure Awareness, the Self, is left by itself, at that time the identification, in other words the ego, does not exist.”

What a great liberation to be released from labeling myself! Free from describing myself, trying to mold myself, improving myself, justifying myself, or even understanding myself. “I AM I – pure and free.” It’s purity is wisdom.

The Seers, who perceived the purity of Self, offered a way to see through the illusion of suffering, born of identification with body/mind knowledge, through the mantra, Amaram hum Madhuram hum, meaning I am eternal and free from the struggle of body born, body changing and body dying.

Repeating a mantra is to tip the scale of identification from, “I am body and mind” to “I am forever pure and free.” Realising this, you are forever liberated from the conditions of the body and mind.

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