When: The first Saturday of every month, from 1:30 - 9:00 pm
Where: The Wisdom of Meditation Centre, 58 Arcus Road, Te Horo
Cost: $75 per person (includes 3 classes - satsang, meditation & Somatic Movement, plus afternoon tea, dinner & Spirit of Kirtan)

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Immerse yourself in a one-day retreat that brings traditional meditation practices and timeless wisdom into modern life.

Initiate a regular meditation practice or vitalize your existing practice, The Living Wisdom Retreat embraces all ages and stages.

  • Awaken a deep understanding of yourself.
  • Get in touch with true freedom & unconditional love.
  • Strengthen your power to break unhelpful mental patterns.
  • Learn techniques how to down-regulate stress and worry.
  • Detox from distractions.
  • Connect with your deeper presence.
  • Sharpen your concentration.
  • Restore flexibility, balance and coordination through Somatic Yoga.
  • Move with more awareness.
  • Meet like-minded people.

A combination of classes: (7.5 hrs)
Satsang; Meditation; Mayank’s Movement (Soma yoga) & Spirit of Kirtan (chanting).

Program: Arrive any time after 12.30 pm. Have lunch before you arrive or come with your packed lunch and enjoy some quiet time in the garden or sitting in the meditation room.

1.30 pm Satsang & Meditation with Shikhaa
3.00 pm: Somatic Movement with Mayank
4.30 pm: Afternoon tea
5.30 pm: Q & A with Shikhaa
6.30 pm: Dinner
7.30 pm: Spirit of Kirtan with Shikhaa & Mayank
9.00: pm End.

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