Chanting concentrates our energy to allow the mind to be freed
from its distractions and abide in the wisdom of our ever-present Self.

Chanting & meditation sessions

Chanting & Meditation

When: Every 2nd & 4th Friday, 8:00 pm
Where: Wisdom of Meditation Centre, Te Horo
Cost: $10

Sign up for chanting  & meditation with Shikhaa & Mayank.

Sanskrit Chanting

When: Every 1st & 3rd Thursday, 7:30 pm
Where: Lotus Yoga Sanctuary, 91 Ruapehu St., Paraparaumu
Cost: $10

Sign up for Sanskrti chanting with Shikhaa.

Benefits of Chanting

• Reduces anxiety and agitation
• Nurtures an overall sense of well-being
• Strengthens your spiritual connection
• Helps you find and refine your voice
• Increases your breath capacity
• Cultivates inner strength

• Improves your capacity to listen
• Refines your communication skills
• Brings about energetic balance
• Improves your memory
• Builds mental discipline

Classes are open to all ages and stages. You can join us in-person OR online via Zoom. In respect of social distancing, in-person places are limited, please write to us  to book your space.

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