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The Guided Meditation Series / Concentration Leads to Meditation

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Download a package of 14 guided meditation audio recordings.

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$45 USD

(Kiwis can make a direct bank transfer, write me for bank details).

We all know the powerful benefits of meditation, but it is often difficult to find time to maintain a regular meditation practice.

Guided meditations can help! Simply by focusing on the guided recordings, your mind is led out of the wheel of thinking, to discover the greatest treasure – the meeting with, and residing in, your true Self.

Shikhaa guides us through various concentration techniques – breathing, mantra and imagery – that work to lead the mind out of the imagined limitations we impose upon ourselves.

The benefit is in regularity. Each recording is around 30 minutes. To regularly take 15 - 30 minutes out of your busy day, to listen to a guided meditation, will allow your mind rest and rejuvenate in its source.

You can return again and again to hear the recordings, the depth of knowledge in each recording is infinite.

There are 12 audio recordings in this series. They were recorded from Shikhaa's online guided meditation course, March – May, 2021.

Satsang Video Series

This video series was recorded in September 2019, at ‘Retreat Himalaya’, in the beautiful, remote Indian Himalayas.

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$65 USD for the full 10 set series.

In these ten videos, you will be led through a program that Shikhaa designed for students at all stages, covering the fundamentals of the non-dual science, Advaita Vedanta, including many guided meditations and mantra practices.

Satsang Audio Library

Visit our satsang community's Youtube channel for audio recordings:

  • Chanting
  • Guided meditations
  • Chakra meditations
  • Satsang
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