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An Ordinary, Extraordinary Perception

An Ordinary, Extraordinary Perception The Wisdom of Meditation

Wisdom is a precious jewel. Its light illumines the human being’s fundamental conflict. Wisdom is not learnt knowledge; for it cannot be measured; it has no opposite; it is not in relation to time and space. Wisdom is the very fine intelligence of who perceives, rather than what is perceived. That ‘who’ does not belong…

What We All Want?

What We All Want? The Wisdom of Meditation

I recently traveled from India to North America and Europe, sharing what is revealed through the practice of meditation. The mind has certain expectations about meditation coming from the premise that I am incomplete and therefore I will do something to become complete. Meditation evolves the acceptance that the mind is not ‘doing’ meditation. Even…

The Love Story of the Soul – A Vedic Allegory

The Love Story of the Soul – A Vedic Allegory The Wisdom of Meditation

From the ancient wisdom of India, Tripura Rahasya (The Mystery beyond the Trinity) is a literary work in Sanskrit. ‘The Love Story of Soul’ is a poem in which Dattatray imparts wisdom to Parashurama. Like all the great sages, Dattatray had the direct realisation of the eternal, indestructible source of all manifestation. This scripture is…

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