An Ordinary, Extraordinary Perception

The Wisdom of Meditation

Wisdom is a precious jewel. Its light illumines the human being’s fundamental conflict. Wisdom is not learnt knowledge; for it cannot be measured; it has no opposite; it is not in relation to time and space. Wisdom is the very fine intelligence of who perceives, rather than what is perceived. That ‘who’ does not belong to our personal identities and therefore is a universal wisdom.

All great teachers have revealed the same wisdom, relevant to their own time. Released from enshrined Brahmin temples, Buddha shared this precious knowledge, ‘Awaken and be free from suffering’. From the voluminous liturgical material (The Vedas), Shri Shankaracharya distilled the essence of this precious knowledge: ‘Realise that the source and the soul is One (Tat Twam Asi). Knowing this, the soul is liberated from human suffering’. In defiance of political oppression, Jesus spoke of this precious knowledge, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within. Knowing this, you will have compassion for all.’

Every saintly revolutionary, having this extraordinary perception of the Oneness of all beings, has fueled the flame of this non-dual knowledge to remain lit. This extraordinary knowledge is not exclusive to any identity. ‘Ordinary’ people can realize that their true nature is freedom. It is freedom from the imaginary division from their source, which releases them from the quagmire of confusion, hatred, greed and fear that is the human condition.

Dissatisfaction has driven humanities curiosity to develop externally, but have we grown in wisdom? The sense of dissatisfaction is ever hungry, driving a restlessness that is unquenchable and ultimately unfulfilled. This suffering has existed throughout history and will remain regardless of how modernity tries to improve our living conditions. Suffering results from the grip that is resistant to nature’s inevitable change.

Coming back to the 21st century! Aside from the destructive aspect of this information age, it is also an exciting time where ‘ordinary / extraordinary’ minds are waking up to the enduring voice of wisdom. The modern confluence of material discontent and the desire to know more is an exciting merging of brilliant minds. For non-dual wisdom does not belong to the east nor west. It is an impersonal perception that can be made accessible to our minds and hearts, and can work practically in every-day life.

A sub-set of scientists, who call themselves non-dual scientists, are confirming the age-old wisdom, the realisation of the unified nature of Consciousness. Most non-dual scientists attribute their insights to a regular practice of meditation. Gone is the time when you need to wear robes in order to realise the unity of soul and source, or sit in a temple in order to know love is the basis of existence, or retire to the forest to renounce suffering.

You need not renounce anything other than the misconceptions that have kept freedom and happiness out of reach. What remains is what has always been – You, the light of perception.

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